‘The Pier of the Ocean.’

“Surf City”
Huntington Beach or Surf City as it is known, is a great city to standards OC with about 190,000 people, and when the tides are mixed with Santa Ana winds blowing seems that half the people living in the city are in the water.Because of the multitude of events throughout the year, the capacity of the city grows around the Pier, where all events are organized, therefore has become the exchange Pier an inherent need  to grow and offer a program wider and richer in content.
This constant change in population growth along with the movement of natural sources of water and constant wind where the attraction is located around the Pier, produce collateral damage to natural ecosystems, eroding the site itself with its use.
Rapid construction by the need for this growth are quickly damaged over time, so my interest in a quest to contain a new place where, in addition to housing a large capacity, understand this contrast of growth and sources natural where is located, for better aerodynamics to a new understanding between the place and how to use it.
The project is an analysis of the energy sources of wind and swell themselves, rediscovering the origin of the pier itself and in the original axis coinciding as it is resisting all those resulting forces. But in order to grow in mind, with new forms of growth on the previous concept, I propose as a solution to this a new construction system that is organized, distributed and expands along the same axis, three-dimensional modules, alternatively they are grouped on one side and the other of the main shaft to strengthen and free of currents, can both grow on several floors above and below without disturbing the natural cycle of the sun, air and water that allows the regeneration of the ecosystem and maximum use to create a sustainable building.
To maintain permeability,the essence of piers, allowing free circulation on the beach and the sea, in the parts below the pier that closer to water are provided to enable habitability and cleaning to be self-sufficient, becoming in a mimicry of the cycle of life and the place with their own natural cells are,becoming a living element, a constantly changing system with the possibility of regenerate ecosystems and providing a platform for future sustainable alternative energies.



About atelierives

Architecture + Art Atelier founded by Silvia Ruiz-Poveda in Paris.

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