The Pier of the Ocean, Huntington Beach

captura-de-pantalla-2016-09-23-a-las-5-34-20Captura de pantalla 2016-11-21 a las 15.19.55.png
The possibility of finding a different structure to the piers that allows the increase of program and function can take advantage of all the natural sources of energy that the place offers (wind, waves, sun) was the reason for this project: Create a new typology of Pier. With a way of being on the Ocean that naturally receives all those sources and respects the continuity with the city.
The essence of Pier in Huntington Beach is the permeability that allows you to pass through people and waves on the sand and water being the pier a street on the Ocean that continues with the consumer life of the city being a street of only return , As cul de sac. Therefore the need to convert this stretch of city into a new dynamic space of activities and sustainability, becoming a large solar plate that collects circulations and program in its interior linked to the ocean representing the crystallization of the wave at the time as a growth Modular three-dimensional linking along 500 m, where they are grouped to one side and the other of the main axis that relates pier and city, alternately and growing another grade in several points as need of the interior program of beach watchers, aquarium and Museum as bubbles that want to surface and the same down, where aquariums, surf movies, spa, schools warehouse, beach restaurant and skatepark, are located below the pier for greater relationship With water and sand.
Public continuity manifests itself in the platform of the pier that serves as an air intake pierced by the structure, which goes up and down the program hidden by the facades which link the Pier set as a crystalline skin of scales that collect the light.

Sylvie Lombay


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