The Future of Walking


Walking the street is going to end.

In the end, due to the safety of the pedestrians  and the times in which we live, with all contacts on the mobile and go directly to the desired place through the GPS without stopping to contemplate a new store or talk to the neighbor in rare incidents yes, but almost forced, we can more impulse the place-goal of the day – work, restaurant, beach, shop, etc.

Only a few in the big cities still believe that we value wandering around the cities and finding little bits of glory, but there is only to check with the people with whom I speak and the story about my long walks of Paris and they look at me as if i was mad. To me, living the city is getting to know it and learning from it, something that only among architects seems to still value those walks of the cities trying to discover the rarest treasures. It gives me as pity and anger that people who prefer to look at the route through GPS than their cities and prefer to take a Uber or subway and keep looking at the screen than look and contemplate the city.

I feel that architects are a kind of lost souls that roam the cities around the world and the intentions to demystify their deepest artistic contents, avant-garde currents, flows of people, tourist concentrations, habits, intensely observant of the past as well as thinkers towards a progressive  and more sustainable future , taking into account the errors observed for better management of cities. That is why I stop to think frequently while I go to Paris, a city where I currently live, and of which I am excited by all the information that fills my head with beautiful and thoughtful ideas in relation to all the arts and movements that Paris owns and it has maintained through generations, where artists who have passed through it are truly perceived, that looking towards a future in life on the street wants to continue for love and desire to continue learning from the city itself as a center, as the mother of culture. But at the same time, the coexistence with a  dangerous world makes people afraid and circulate less, see less, feel less, going faster and less just thinking, analyzing, growing as a person.

My mind flies to the American lifestyle, more specifically  LA where life in the car is our life on the streets in Europe, asking to be somewhat safer but once less cultural. In the end, applying the concept of what is important there are only two paths, enjoying the road or to reach the destination.

Silvia Ruiz-Poveda

About atelierives

Architecture + Art Atelier founded by Silvia Ruiz-Poveda in Paris.

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