Silvia Ruiz-Poveda was born in Spain, in April of 1988, where she graduated from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), combining her studies in Central St. Martins College of Art and Design London in Art Direction, UCLA Film Production and Architecture in Seoul National University, giving her an amplius and particular sense for the taste and understanding in a  new wave of relationship between arts.

Silvia ended her Master in Architecture at Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) creating a sophisticated project about a new typology of Piers in Huntington Beach, California, which was extremely concerned about the sustainability and natural energy re-sources with a structure that permited reuse them for a multiple and economical public use of the Pier, where coexisted a Surf Museum, an Aquarium, surf  and skate schools, a beach-house restaurant and an greenhouse.

Silvia is very interested in work with the music and eventually collaborates with some band to design their album.

Based in Paris and Biarritz, Silvia actually works on different personal and commissioned projects with different architecture studios in Paris, San Sebastián, Spain and Biarritz.